In July 2015, Aperture Foundation will host its second open-submission exhibition for which all image-makers are eligible. The theme for this year’s Summer Open is Black Mirror and will be curated by Michael Famighetti, editor of Aperture magazine.

Do we live in a world wilder than science fiction? The title of the 2015 Aperture Summer Open borrows its name from the British television series Black Mirror, which imagines a dystopian near-future—a Twilight Zone for the age of the smartphone. The title Black Mirror refers to the omnipresent screens through which our lives are mediated today, and the show depicts a society in which technology ominously defines and shapes our relationships and each facet of daily life.

We’re more than thirty years beyond Orwell’s imagined 1984, and yet we continue to live in a moment of anxiety about what the future holds. Aperture’s Summer Open asks contributors to consider the future and the idea that we inhabit a world that is stranger, and in some ways more frightening, than that predicted by the authors of science fiction. What does it mean when our current reality echoes what were once outlandish fictional narratives? As today becomes tomorrow, what might the future look like in photographs? We seek a wide range of submissions, representing diverse subjects and approaches to photography, that are in some way engaged with questions about what the world has become and is becoming.


Tanya Ahmed / Nathan Anderson / John Armstrong / Matthew Arnold / Marc Erwin Babej / Zeren Badar / Winona Barton-Ballentine / Anna Beeke / Tara Bogart / Clarissa Bonet / Joan Lobis Brown / Antoine Bruy / Luc Busquin / Michael Butler / Christopher Capozziello / Teresa Christiansen / Juan Cobo / Sebastian Collett / Elizabeth Keegin Colley / Martin Constable / Victoria Crayhon / Francis Crisafio / Ciara Crocker / Brita d’Agostino / Supranav Dash / Frances F. Denny / Matthew Dols / Judith Ebenstein / Melissa Eder / Geoffrey Ellis / Tealia Ellis-Ritter / Gregg Evans / Nicholas Fedak II / Erwan Fichou / Fabrice Fouillet / Jill Frank / Julia Fullerton-Batten / Beth Galton / Jenna Garrett / John Gellings / Claudia Gonzalez / Maury Gortemiller / George Grubb / Jamil Hellu / Anja Hitzenberger / Qiren Hu / Kathryn Hurni / Mahtab Hussain / Florence Iff / Tiina Itkonen / Michael Joseph / Ervin A. Johnson / Ryota Kajita / Siri Kaur / Lindsay Keys / Katrin Koenning / Katrin Korfmann / Natalie Krick / Daniel Kukla / Chris Law / Nataly Levich / Amiko Li / Yijun Liao / Joseph Michael Lopez / David Lykes Keenan / Manjari Sharma / Anna-Maija Mattila-Litvak / David Mitchell / Lydia Panas / Pamela Pecchio / Alexis Pike / Mackenzie Reynolds / Sarah Rhodes / Ricky Adam / Claire Rosen / Nenad Saljic / Anastasia Samoylova / Jo Metson Scott / Chen Shen / Alix Smith / Jan Staller / Ken Stec / Mark Steigleman / Cody Swanson / Hiro Tanaka / Ryan Thayer / Ian Tong / Alex Tsocanos / Jason Vaughn / Sabine Von Breunig / Graeme Williams / David Wolf / Anderson Wrangle / Keith Yahrling / Wenxin Zhang


#FF: 13 Aperture Summer Open
Photographers on Instagram


From the wide group of photographers featured in the exhibition, we’ve chosen a few Instagram accounts worth following.

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Preview: Aperture Summer Open Exhibition


Aperture executive director Chris Boot on his selections for Aperture’s first annual Summer Open Exhibition at Aperture Gallery.

Call for Entries is Now Closed!

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The entry period for the 2014 Aperture Summer Open is now closed. Thanks for entering!

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