Larry Fink on Composition and Improvisation

The Photography Workshop Series

By Larry Fink

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7 1/2 x 10 inches 128 pages, 50 duotone and four-color images Paperback with flaps 978-1-59711-273-4 May 2014

Photography deepens our connections to the world around us, to ourselves, and to one another. In this new and innovative series, Aperture works with the world’s top photographers, many of whom also teach, to publish their core thinking on photography—making their experience, insight, and knowledge accessible to a wider audience, including students. Each title in the series will provide an essential primer on the photographer’s area of expertise and creative process. The key points of their practice are presented in the photographer’s own words, and will answer the questions they are asked most frequently. The commentary will accompany a selection of fifty photographs iconic images by each featured photographer, as well as key images by others that have influenced their thinking and work. Both individually and collectively, eachbook in the series functions as a “workshop in a book,” serving as an indispensable tool for students, teachers, and everyone who wants to take better pictures or learn to look at them in a more informed way.

Larry Fink, celebrated photographer and teacher, explores the relationship between composing a photograph and improvising with the scene at hand, in creating images with both feeling and meaning. Drawing from his teaching experience, Fink combines advice, expertise, and stories that reveal his own creative process. He covers a variety of topics essential to photographers of all levels, including how to sharpen your photographic perception; maximize the frame to create layered compositions; use the technical aspects of photography as emotional tools; and both anticipate a composition coming together and be responsive to the moment. Throughout, Fink provides insight on how to align your photography practice with intuition, emotions, and what’s unfolding in the

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