Portfolio Prize - FAQs

Please note that due to the high volume of requests, it is not possible for Aperture’s editors to review unsolicited material outside of the Aperture Portfolio Prize competition. Thank you for your understanding.

How do I become a member of Aperture Foundation?
The prize’s $75 entry fee, paid through CAFÉ, constitutes one annual membership in Aperture’s new membership program, as well as the entrance into the new, annual, Summer Open exhibition. For more information on membership benefits, go online at aperture.org/join

Does subscription to Aperture magazine qualify me for entry into the Portfolio Prize?
No. Differing from past prizes, participation in Aperture’s new membership program is the sole entry requirement of the Aperture Portfolio Prize beginning in 2014. Subscription to Aperture magazine does not constitute membership with Aperture Foundation.

Previous Portfolio Prizes required magazine subscription for entry. I purchased a subscription within the last year; why doesn’t this qualify me for entry?
The timeframe for the 2014 Aperture Portfolio Prize has been shifted earlier in the year to accommodate the Summer Open exhibition, entry to which will become available to Aperture Foundation members in February 2014.

What are Aperture’s editors looking for?
While all work submitted will be considered for one of the prizes or publication beyond the competition, in choosing the first-prize winner and runners-up, we hope to recognize innovative work that pushes the boundaries of what has been seen or done before. We are looking for work that is fresh and that hasn’t been widely seen in other major publications or exhibition venues.

What is considered “new” or “recent” work?
Work that has been created within the past five years.

Can a submission be considered for both the competition and as a book proposal?
Yes. Beyond the Aperture Portfolio Prize, judges will consider the work for any and all Aperture publications and exhibitions.

I have a book proposal; should I submit my work via the competition?
Yes. Make a note at the top of your statement, and please be sure to follow the entry requirements.

I’d prefer to skip the competition and submit my work directly to an Aperture editor. Is this possible?
Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests, it is not possible for Aperture’s editors to review material outside of the Aperture Portfolio Prize competition. Further, unsolicited work cannot be returned unless sufficient return postage has been included.

If my work has been published in a monograph, or if I’ve won a competition with Aperture in the past, can I enter the current competition?
In an effort to create opportunities for lesser-known photographers, we cannot accept entries from those who have had their work published in a monograph. The same is true of entrants who have won an Aperture competition within the last three years. However, we encourage you to reapply after the three years have passed.

I’m not a techie. Is the online submission process difficult?
You will find easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions at www.callforentry.org.

How should I digitally prepare my images for entry?
The image-preparation specifications can be found here.

Can I submit more than one 15-image entry to the competition?
Artists may submit up to two separate portfolios of 15 images each. A separate Café profile and application is required for each entry. A $25 entry fee must be paid for a second entry, though the same Aperture Foundation Membership can be used for both submissions. Registration content is not transferable from one account to another. If you decide to submit two portfolios, please complete each entry in full, regardless of repetition. After submitting your first portfolio, to receive a discount code adjusting the entry fee for second portfolios, please contact apertureprize@aperture.org.

Can I submit less than 15 images in a single entry to the competition?
For each entry, you may submit any number of images, provided you do not exceed fifteen images. CAFÉ will require that all fifteen image “slots” be filled with an uploaded file. If you wish to submit less than fifteen images in your application, simply upload duplicate images into the remaining image “slots.” The duplicate images will be disregarded.

Aperture’s old Portfolio Review used to accept hard-copy submissions. Will my work be seen at a disadvantage if viewed online?
Aperture’s editors are accustomed to evaluating photography via computer monitors. This is quickly becoming standard practice for more and more juried competitions and reviews. If your scans are good quality, we will easily make the mental leap from the computer screen to the actual work.

What if I run out of time?
No exceptions will be made for late submissions. Please allow for ample time to complete your entry.

What happens to work that is chosen as the first-prize winner or as a runner-up?
Once an entrant has been chosen for the first prize or as a runner-up, an editorial staff member will contact the artist. The 2014 first-prize winner will receive $3,000 and an exhibition hosted by Aperture Gallery. Work by the first-prize winner as well as the runners-up will be featured on the Aperture website. We also will announce the winners in an Aperture e-newsletter.

If I am not a winner will I receive feedback and suggestions on my work?
ODue to the large number of entries it is not possible to provide personalized feedback for every entrant. Please see our Resources page to find information about review opportunities, including in-person reviews and other competitions and awards.

If I live outside the Continental United States, am I still eligible for entry?
Applicants living outside the US are absolutely eligible for entry into the Aperture Portfolio Prize.

I still need help. Who can I contact?
Send an e-mail to apertureprize@aperture.org.

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