David Galjaard, from the series Concresco

David Galjaard, Cristina de Middel at PhotoIreland 2013

Concresco and The Afronauts will be on view in Dublin, July 14–August 2, 2013, as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2013.

Colin Greenwood on Cuny Janssen, Yoshino

Cuny Janssen Yoshino Snoeck Verlagesgesellschaft mbH Cologne, Germany, 2013 Designed by -SYB- 18 ¼ x 13 ¾ in. (46.3 x 34.8 cm) 54 pages 19 color photographs Hardcover snoeck.de Cuny Janssen’s photographs of the sacred and beautiful Japanese mountain of Yoshino make you feel like you’re there. Her camera directs your eye to the blossoms and branches, streams and forest floors. In one image you float, ghost-like, above the other tourists. She invites us
to imagine we are sharing these views with the ancient writers whose texts are interspersed between Janssen’s images. In combination with the texts, Janssen’s photographs become an…

Publisher’s Note

Dear PhotoBook Review Readers, We’re delighted to bring you the fourth issue of The PhotoBook Review. Many thanks for your continued interest if you are joining us again—and if this is your first time to pick up an issue of PBR, cheers and welcome. The PhotoBook Review 004 launches at the Los Angeles edition of Paris Photo, and is available once again to Aperture magazine subscribers, at the Aperture gallery, and at the Milan Image Art Fair, extending our audience to the west coast and across the Atlantic. In addition to launching this issue together at the Paramount Studios, Paris…

Iñaki Domingo on Paul Kooiker, Heaven

  Paul Kooiker Heaven Van Zoetendaal Amsterdam, 2012 Designed by Willem van Zoetendaal 13 ⅜ x 9 ½ in. (34 x 24 cm) 176 pages 494 photographs Hardcover vanzoetendaal.com Paul Kooiker is best known for his startling and singular photographs of voluptuous female forms, yet his individual images are incomprehensible except as a part that cumulatively make up his psychologically charged oeuvre. Kooiker’s photographs do not allow for comfortable looking, instead demonstrating his fascination with the game of perception. He uses a visual language that is both dry and delicate, and that pushes at the limits of the unnerving, forcing…

ONLINE ONLY: Jason Fulford in Conversation with David Reinfurt—Part 2

David Reinfurt: William James described “attention” as what you choose to attend to, what you select as your present moment. “My experience is what I agree to attend to.” There is a lot in that idea that it is a conscious act to decide, “This is my present moment.” There was a series of fascinating experiments done by German psychologists at the end of the nineteenth century that attempted to measure how long a person understands the present moment to be. Jason Fulford: It sounds like the font you’ve made for the Kadist Art Foundation, which is updated once a…


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